Retina plays a very crucial role in vision and seeing the world around us. The retina is like a window into many systemic conditions of the body. Seeing the retinal blood vessels, we can see a picture of the blood vessels in the entire body.

Most of the time any damage in the retina is irreversible, but many of the diseases of the retina are preventable disease. So regular check-ups and complete dilated eye examinations will pick up any preventable conditions which may affect the retina.

If you are myopia or short-sighted, a regular yearly examination of the retina can identify retinal holes or tears which can be treated before they lead to retinal detachment. If you experience any floaters or flashes, immediately seek a retinal examination as they are due to retinal tears or holes.

If you are a diabetic or hypertensive. yearly examination of the retina is a must. Vision loss due to diabetes is very much treatable if detected early.

If you have only one eye, regular 6 months examination is recommended.

Preterm babies are at risk of losing vision due to retinopathy of prematurity which has a very narrow treatment window after birth. All Preterm babies should be screened at 1 month of life.

Aging also affects the retina. The center of the retina which is crucial for fine & Precise vision usually gets affected. So yearly screening is advised for all above 50 years.